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China Sourcing, Assembly and Packaging

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How not to Lose Money when Sourcing from China

Thanks for your question. You wrote:   I need help or advice on how not to lose money in buying after sending LC, to be sure the contents of the box or ship is as...

Essential Sourcing Skills: Supplier Verification

“I found a supplier online. They look good. But how can I be sure the supplier is legit and will meet my needs?” That is by far the most common type of question sent...

Is This Supplier Still in Business?

  Dear Sirs, I have a question ? Would it be possible to get your kind cooperation to find out whether the following Chemical Company based in Tianjin is still in...

Where can I get good quality and cheap products? Where do I start?

I would like to import bathroom products and other furniture items. I am new in this industry, so would even like to know from which Part of China to get good quality...

Who should you be doing business with in China?

“Pay now or pay more later” – this should be your mantra.


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