Managing the Dragon- another great read

Two great recent posts from Jack Perkowski of “Managing the Dragon”.  If you don’t know about China’s growing influence in Africa you should.  China is investing billions of dollars in African nations for infrastructure, no interest loans, etc in exchange of course for rights to drilling and natural resource extraction.

Mr. Perkowski has a nice little case study that he conducted primarily looking into Congo and Tanzania.  It will be good for those trying to understand China to know all of China’s work around the world (even if it is arguably simply for natural resources and oil).  As it appears that this first post is the beginning of a series I’d encourage those to get an early start and get caught up.  I’m looking forward to the rest of the series.

He presents an interesting case study based on the prices of produce increases recently.  It seemed really more a matter of time, when those in China would see a sharp rise in the inflation rate.  Anybody who has spent any amount of time here in China (for us at CSIC- Shenzhen specifically) one simply has to look out their window to see a skyline of green mesh surrounding new apartments buildings being constructed.  Just look at Diwang and you’ll see the tallest building in Shenzhen continuously rising higher and higher over Diwang.  It should be noted though that the Chinese government is already taking steps to try and slow the rise of inflation, but it will certainly be interesting to see things in the next few months.

I’m glad I rediscovered another great blog about China.

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