Determining the proper tradeshow that best fits your desired product sourcing

I currently wholesale phone cases in the UK and get them from a local supplier. He gets them from China. I am now looking to buy bulk from China myself. I have contacted many companies and received samples. We are now looking to come over and visit the factories. We also wish to attend a tradeshow. All the products are made of plastic, could you please help with what tradeshow would be best to attend and any other advise would be grateful as it will be my first time doing business in China.

There are two types of shows in China.  On one hand there are the large shows that cover a wide range of products, often held in HK. Of the large shows in HK, I think the Global Sources show would be an excellent tradeshow for you. While you are there, check out the free seminar on China sourcing.  On the other hand, there are smaller shows scattered across China which focus on one specific product or industry.  These small shows can be hit or miss, so review the overview from the show organizers carefully.  You can find a list of all shows, big and small at the trade show center

Speaking of resources, check out Smart China Sourcing and the China Sourcing Information Center if you would like to be part of the community of sourcing experts to share ideas and experiences.  You may also want to subscribe to the distribution list of the free “China Sourcer” monthly e-magazine. Past issues can be downloaded at

On a final note, I see that you are getting ready to visit some factories and place an PO.  You are wise to make the trip to China as the combination of using the list of verified suppliers from GlobalSources with an audit in person is an excellent step in the right direction in terms of finding a legitimate supplier.

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