Compliance Seminar- hosted by the German Chamber of Commerce

Mike Bellamy and I had the privilege of being able to attend a recent event hosted by the German Chamber of Commerce in Shenzhen.  The event’s key speaker was Juergen Kracht- the Managing Director of one of CSIC’s sponsors Fiducia Management Consultants.  The event focused on dealing with compliance issues within China (i.e. avoiding corruption).  Mr. Kracht’s knowledge of proper China business dealings was obvious from the onset of his presentation, which can be viewed here-

Adding to the event was the personal experiences of Julia Kahlenberg a Compliance Manager with Siemens Ltd.  A few years back corruption ran rampant through Siemens.  After being exposed by a whistle blower, Ms. Kahlenberg discussed the ways in which Siemens transformed itself from a highly corrupt company, to one of the most open/un-corrupt companies in the world.

As CSIC looks to educate buyers about a vast array of sourcing issues, we were very glad to attend, and wish to thank Mr. Kracht for allowing us to video his presentation so that we can share his experiences with our audience.

David Bruns, Executive Director CSIC 3.7.2011

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