Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

There’s a nice piece just recently posted to Asia Times Online about Intellectual Property Rights (better known as IPR) in China.  China is the copy capital of the world with everything from Luis Vitton to eggs being copied to make a quick buck.  It’s one of several reasons why foreign companies don’t invest in China- the IP they have is too valuable to lose.

With that in mind, Benjamin A. Shobert wrote a nice piece about the IPR problems still occurring.  Within the piece he sought out the expertise of Dan Harris (of the award winning China Law Blog) and Mike Bellamy of PassageMaker Sourcing Solutions and founding member of the China Sourcing Information Center.

Both conclude that while there are still problems with IP issues in China, the situation is improving, and will continue to improve as China’s economy progresses.

You can read the full article on Asia Times Online (free of charge) here-

-David Bruns, Executive Director CSIC

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