Labor wage reports in China

Does anyone know if there is a reliable source that reports on wages in manufacturing for China?

I own and operate manufacturing plants in Shenzhen which have office staff as well as line workers. I’m thinking about setting up a new additional facility inland to tap into the lower wages and preferential tax treatment. So, like you, I was also looking for a database of wages but didn’t find something online that was both accurate and comprehensive in terms of labor rates in various locations and occupations in China.   So I have done the homework on my own: gathering data region by region, attending seminars, buying studies and most importantly- visiting some of the various locations to check things out first hand. I would be happy to share some of my data with you, but to my knowledge I have not found a free pan-China database. Also, let me know what you are trying to achieve with this data. For example, if you are like me and looking to set up shop inland, then it is not just wage rates you should be concerned with, but also land costs, power, mandatory benefits, government support, tax structure, logistics and access to mid-level and upper-level managers.

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