Let’s thank Janicke for having the courage to tell others about the scan she fell into. I am happy to help spread the word and help others avoid this drama.

In her words:

I was lured to Macau (convenient as you do not need a visa) to sign a lucrative business contract (over £1 million). The initial enquiry came in over our website and after a few short emails and phone calls, a contract arrived and we were requested to visit in person to sign.

After the initial meeting and signing of contracts, we went out for a celebratory lunch. Everything was going really well until we were asked to give them a cash gift of £600 as thanks for the opportunity to do business. I refused.

The following day, I managed to speak with the interpreter and she revealed that every day they have a company over to sign a business deal and every day they go to lunch. Every day they ask for a bribe and virtually every day the company pays.

There is no business deal – it is just a scam to extort money out of unsuspecting, enthusiastic businesses!

Please help spread the warning.

Wishing you successful China Sourcing!

Best Regards,

Mike Bellamy

Author, “The Essential Reference Guide to China Sourcing” (chinasourcinginfo.org/book/)

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