How to prepare an inspection check list?

A picture is worth a 1000 words. In this case a cartoon answers a 1000 question.

During my 10+ years in China I have been preaching that if buyers remember only one thing when it comes to China sourcing, it should be that you are crazy not to perform some type of inspection on the product before you make the final payment and BEFORE the goods ship out of China. Keeping in mind that inspection only costs a few 100 USD, it should be a no-brainer to add this tool to the buyer’s sourcing toolbox.


Because it is so important, it is not an exaggeration that CSIC volunteer like David Dayton and I have gladly taken the time to explain the inspection process to 1000’s of people at CSIC seminars (BTW videos of the seminars are now online), trade shows and via the “ask the experts” service.


I recently came across the following carton (used with permission from Renaud of the blog which walks a buyer thru the inspection process.  If only I had this carton in my hand years ago I could have saves countless hours of explaining the details of inspection as this image is so much better than I could explain in person or in writing.

If you want an easy to understand, yet comprehensive view of the process, I bet you will enjoy this carton.

(Renaud, How about getting your artist to bang out a carton for conducting audits to compliment your carton on inspections. That would be wonderful.)

Wishing everybody successful Inspections!

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