Keeping the buyer safe and fulfilling the procurement

What are the often overlooked parts of a purchase order that could help to keep the buyer safe and fulfill the procurement?

Dear Suhas,
If you are placing a PO to a China supplier, I would encourage you to have pre-set terms about how defects are to be handled as well as penalties for late delivery. In my 12 years of living in China, I have had many suppliers delivery late and/or supply faulty merchandise, but not one single time has a supplier proactively offered to cover the costs of replacement parts and shipping UNLESS I had terms in place in advance.

Speaking of ways to reduce headaches, focus on verified suppliers from the list of suppliers at and also don’t be afraid to engage affordable and reputable 3rd party specialist to help you do things like review your terms, negotiate, conduct due diligence, QC and so on. I keep my list of endorsed 3rd parties on CSIC’s website for your reference, and I am happy if this list can help others out as well.

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