Masking the truth

I used to live by the saying “believe none of what you hear and half of what your see.” But the latest headlines out of China cause me to think that “believe none of what you hear and none of what you see” may be better.

In the 6/26 China Daily, I read that incredibly realistic masks are giving online merchants a chance to completely change the way they look – for better or worse.  This is right out of Mission Impossible!

Some Chinese people are now wearing thin masks that alter their image. When viewed over an internet camera the mask is not noticeable.

It is bad enough many local trading companies operating out of an office with 2 employees would look a foreign buyer in the eye and claim they were a factory with 1000 employees. Now they can hide behind a mask while making such claims!

Imagine what chaos this is going to cause for those guys hoping to find a bride online in Asia!

Talk about the bait and switch!

Wishing you successful China Sourcing!

Mike Bellamy

Author, “The Essential Reference Guide to China Sourcing” (

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