Supplier Blacklist Entry #2:


Update:  We have recently discovered (SBL) which is a user generated list of bad suppliers. As of Dec 2012, we are no longer posting under-performing suppliers on the CSIC blog and encourage our readers to use SBL if they wish to expose a bad supplier or conduct due diligence.


While we hope the tools and educational resources for buyers found at the China Sourcing Information Center will help buyers have smooth and profitable relations with their suppliers in Asia, it is a sad fact that sometimes, despite the best intentions of the buyer, things go horribly wrong.

Buyers who have been harmed often desire to warn other buyers about under-performing suppliers. Unfortunately, at the moment there is no comprehensive forum which offers a comprehensive black list exposing bad suppliers and giving legit supplier the opportunity to clear their name if accused.   Until such a list exists, I welcome buyers to send me their supplier complaints and I will be happy to:

a)      Post them in my blog to warn other readers

b)      Welcome to hear from the supplier if they have a counter argument to post


With that said, here is our latest posting:


Supplier Name/ Contact Details

Complaint made by:


Country: Kenya


How the buyer and seller original met:

Google Search (no surprise there, try next time)

Details (in words of the buyer):


We found this supplier through a google search. Today I realize the price list he sent us was copied from the sales brochure of another company that I by chance met at a trade show in HK. The lessons I learned from reading CSIC publications helped me avoid falling into a trap with this fake supplier, but now I would like to warn others about this fraud so they may not fall into the hands of hungry wolves like these.



We are a small company from Kenya and we are trying to source for electronic GSm home alarm systems. We found a very good website and we have been communicating with and we almost sent them money for sample then we decided one of us should attend China
Sourcing fair. After attending the seminar presentations by Mike of the CSIC and learning how to spot a fake company,  I now have realized the company is FAKE they have used cut and paste to develop their website by knocking off another company’s sales material.

Help me blow the whistle so that unsuspecting buyers don’t get conned their money.


Thank you for the good work you are doing to expose frauds.



  1. Mike Bellamy, with CSIC on February 27, 2013 at 8:06 pm

    Thanks for your comments and help warning others!

    If this supplier has ripped you off, know that they may be legally bound to cover your losses. I wrote some blog posts on the subject at this website, but if you would like to be put in touch with my English speaking China based lawyer and/or a debt collection agency, let me know. They have helped me recover funds from under performing suppliers.

    Thanks again for commenting on our blog!
    Best Regards,
    Mike Bellamy

    Owner, PassageMaker Sourcing Solutions
    Advisory Board Member: China Sourcing Information Center, AsiaQualityFocus, Asiabridge Law
    Author, “The Essential Reference Guide to China Sourcing”

  2. Mike Bellamy, with CSIC on February 27, 2013 at 8:04 pm

    Thanks for your notes below.

    I don’t know of a supplier off hand for this category, but if you need help finding legit suppliers, the following short videos walk you thru the steps.

    Found on the vertical menu of

    Video 1: Finding Suppliers
    Video 2: Evaluating Suppliers
    Video 3: Negotiations
    Video 4: Project Management and Quality Control
    Video 5: Protecting Your Intellectual Property
    Video 6: Leveraging Global Sources
    Video 7: How to Find and Manage Partners for Logistics
    Video 8: Avoiding Scams
    Video 9: Returning Defective Products
    Video 10: Resolving a Dispute

    Also, check out

  3. John on January 31, 2013 at 6:37 pm

    I did the mistake to order some stuff from this company (HONGKONG VSTAR INTERNATIONAL LTD.) I got the products, so that part worked well enough.But then the alarm stopped working, and they of course stopped replying to my emails. So not much help with 12 month warranty when they run as soon as someone have problems.

    Would like to find out who originally made the stuff, maybe they can help, will open up the keypads and look for information inside the alarm.

    Keep away!

    John, Spain

  4. erik on January 24, 2013 at 3:10 am

    I have had a very bad experience too –
    payed for goods – received goods, that where wrong and defect.
    tried to get the company responsible to the defects and the wrong goods.

    they where at the opinion that they had done nothing wrong and they had send the right goods.
    I claimed to PAY-PAL and I get the right in my case, but I loose 150$ in fright cost and did not get the right goods!.

    I recommend – DO NOT DEAL WITH THEES PEOPLE – they are not to be trusted! Saaaaaddddd.!

    regards erik

  5. tommy tranze on July 25, 2012 at 6:01 pm

    ive been trying to conduct business with this company and the truth is I still dont know if they are legit or not. They seem to have all there t’s crossed and their i’s dotted, but I still get a funny feeling, mayve its just the four cups of coffe, but I still havent decided to take the plunge. If there is anyone person outthere who has deal with them in any way, I surely would like to hear back from you.

    once again the company and their website are, and they “supposedly” sell “Burglar Alarms and support peripherals for their Burglar Alarms, such as Motion detectors, wirless reed switches and the like. I look forward to hearing back from anyone that can shed some light on this mystery.

    ? Are they Legit ?

    Awaiting a response, Tommy

  6. hmaranlou on July 6, 2012 at 12:02 am

    this is hadi from Iran,
    i also have same issue, i was trying to contact with the mentioned company “hkvstr”. according to this article seems they are fake… i realy appericiate if you introduce the original company. im also like to get free from these hungry wolves! ;-)

    Thanks in advance

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