The Sourcing Bus: Scam or Legit Resource?

I received the following unsolicited invitation to attend a trade show up in Ningbo.

The organization would provide buyers with interpreter, transportation round trip from Shanghai on the “sourcing bus” and introduce suppliers.

Perhaps I have been in Asia too long, but it reminds me of my first time in Bangkok where I was dumb enough to get in the Tuk Tuk taxi which was “free”  as long as I stop at a store along the way.  Driver wouldn’t let me leave unless I purchased something.  (I walked out).

Has anybody taken the sourcing bus in China?

Scam or Legit?

See my invitation below. I added some smart ass comments.

Wishing you successful China Sourcing!

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Find your ideal Consumer Goods in Ningbo

It’s our great honor to invite you to attend the sourcing trip to 10th China International Consumer Goods Fair. It is held by Ningbo Municipal People’s Government, Zhejiang Provincial Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation Department, and Ningbo Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau. It’ll be held in the famous Ningbo International Convention & Exhibition Center Hall during June 8th-June 11th, 2011.


To improve your sourcing efficiency, we will guide you to the matched manufactures according to your sourcing inquiries; we will also provide round trip from Shanghai to Ningbo and back to Shanghai.

(I wonder if they really take me to suppliers based on my needs or where they get a commission?)

The main exhibits are as follows:

l         Home Appliances & Electronics including Consumer Electronics, Household Appliances, Electronic Information Products, Safety Electronics, Electronic Lighting and Fittings etc.

l         Textiles & Garments including Bedding, Household Textiles, Textiles for Bath and Kitchen Use, Clothing, Clothing Fabrics, Fashion Ornaments, Scarf, Gloves, Shoes, Hat, Socks, Garment Accessories, Textile Raw Material & Fabrics, Yarn, Drawnwork, etc

l         Sports & Recreational Products including Sports Supplies, Outdoors and Recreational Products, Stationery and Office Supplies etc

l         Household Products & Gifts including Articles of Daily Use (Sanitary & Bathroom Products, Personal Care Products, Houseware), Furniture, Vessel,  Kitchenware, Small Hardware, Illumination, Clock, Glasses, Arts & Crafts, Art Mirror Frame & Painting, Daily Ceramics, Art Ceramics, Handicraft Embroidery Products, Decorations, Toys, Gifts & Premiums, Festival Products, Wedding Products, Folk Custom and Religious Articles etc.

Below is the SCHEDULE

8th (Wed) June,2011
8:00 Gather on Wusheng Road, Shanghai Museum, People Square, Shanghai
8:30 Depart
11:30 Arrive at the hotel
11:30——12:00 Check in
12:30——13:30 Lunch
13:30——14:00 Depart to the Ningbo Exhibition Center
14:00——17:00 Visit the exhibition center & talk to suppliers
17:00——17:30 Back to the hotel
17:30 Dinner
9th (Thu) June,2011
9:00 Depart to the Ningbo Exhibition Center
9:30——12:00 Visit the exhibition center & talk to suppliers
12:00——13:30 Lunch
13:30——16:00 Visit the exhibition center & talk to suppliers
16:00 Back to Shanghai
19:00 Arrive in Shanghai

HOW TO RESERVE the position of any buying reception?

1.          First you need to summit the basic info of your company with the interested products.

2.         We will confirm your reservation also your info.

3.         We will inform you the schedule of the event.

NoticeTo improve the Sino-foreign trade industry of Ningbo, this program is only available for serious foreign buyers.

(Do serious foreign buyers really take a bus? Perhaps they really want to say “we are targeting foreigners with little experience and big wallets.”)


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