If you don’t understand AQL, you probably shouldn’t be sourcing from China factory direct.

Thanks to websites like www.GlobalSources.com, just about anybody with internet access and some gray matter upstairs can find a list of potential suppliers in China.

But it is quite another thing to know how to qualify which suppliers are the best fit and then yet another battle to ensure quality. In other blogs posts we have talked about how to verify the supplier, but today, let’s visit a bit about an essential tool in the fight for good quality- the AQL system. Depending on who you ask, “AQL” stands for “acceptable quality limit” or “acceptable quality level.”

Rather than try to reinvent the wheel with my own take on the subject, Renaud and David over at www.AsiaQualityFocus.com offer an excellent explanation of AQL and I would point interested parties here to learn what AQL is and how to apply the principles of this system to your souring program.


Wishing you successful China Sourcing!

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