Blacklisted Supplier #4. Involving Apple and other famous brand products

The Supplier Blacklist

Update:  We have recently discovered (SBL) which is a user generated list of bad suppliers. As of Dec 2012, we are no longer posting under-performing suppliers on the CSIC blog and encourage our readers to use SBL if they wish to expose a bad supplier or conduct due diligence.

While we hope the tools and educational resources for buyers found at the China Sourcing Information Center will help buyers have smooth and profitable relations with their suppliers in Asia, it is a sad fact that sometimes, despite the best intentions of the buyer, things go horribly wrong.

Buyers who have been harmed often desire to warn other buyers about under-performing suppliers. Unfortunately, at the moment there is no comprehensive forum which offers a comprehensive black list exposing bad suppliers and giving legit supplier the opportunity to clear their name if accused.   Until such a list exists, I welcome buyers to send me their supplier complaints and I will be happy to:

a) Post them in my blog to warn other readers

b) Welcome to hear from the supplier if they have a counter argument to post

With that said, here is our latest posting:


Supplier Name/ Contact Details

Complaint made by:

Azam in Pakistan

Latest Update

We welcome feedback from the accused suppliers, but until we hear otherwise, in the words of the buyer below, it appears to be a scam. Azam has been referred by to an English speaking lawyer by CSIC in hopes of recovering his loses.

How the buyer and seller original met:

Google Search (no surprise there, try verified suppliers on next time)

Details (in words of the buyer):


I have paid an amount of 800 Dollars to a company In China Named Applesele……… With a website named . I have paid for two Iphones 4 32gb….The company didn’t deliver and now the contact number are all turned off.

Editor’s Note:

The scam is the same as others we have uncovered recently. It goes like this:

1.      Buyer is attracted to a nice looking website with famous brands at great pricing.

2.      Buyer contacts website and representative makes a bunch of promised and puts the buyer at ease by building trust.

3.      Buyer pays in advance.

4.      Seller claims there are problems clearing customs and needs more money to get the shipment moving.

5.      Buyer tries to negotiate, but when Seller realized Buyer is not going to pay more money, the Seller ends all communication and goes silent. Keeping the money of course.

Most likely the products never existed in the first place.

Azam has offered 20 pages of emails and transaction records to back up the above story.

If you are worried about falling into the same trap, here is a good blog post to read:

Genuine products from China?


  1. Mike Bellamy, with CSIC on November 19, 2012 at 5:11 pm

    It is also up to us buyers to be smart and check out the suppliers before making payment.

    You mentioned you were scammed before. Check out and consider warning other buyers about the companies who did you wrong.


  2. Larry on November 10, 2012 at 1:52 pm

    I’ve been victimized by these scam before but the main reason why those culprits can roam arround across the internet is because of this payment fascilities. There was no safe and secured payment hostings in buying things through internet.

    Basically those credit card hostings should play a role and responsible whatsoever the seller did some scam. They should strict to the rule that at least those seller be a legitimate/authorized member and has a deposit to a bank in case there was a complaint from their client and didn’t come up with the transaction so that those credit card payment if it fails with their obligations with their clients/customers should be paid accordingly by these payment sites/hostings deposited by these sellers/vendors. Credit card company should also help by giving daily updated and recommended sites as well as block sites.

    I trust that this would be one of the good steps in combating those scammers arround the world.

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