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I have a few questions about Apple products. 1. How can I tell if it is genuine or fake? 2. Which manufacturer in China is authorized to do the production of Apple devices? 3. What is the price range for genuine apple products? 4. How can I contact that manufacturer and in which part of China is their factory located?


I am happy to report that we have a comprehensive answer for you at the following blog post:

Genuine products from China?

I hope you find it useful.

Be very very careful. Scam artists are actively targeting buyers like you who are looking for Apple products out of China. The blog post below will explain the details.

Blacklisted Supplier #4. Involving Apple and other famous brand products

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Question answered by Mike Bellamy, host of “Ask the Experts” at the China Sourcing Information Center.

Mike Bellamy is an Advisory Board Member & Featured Blogger at the not-for-profit China Sourcing Information Center ( He is also the author of, “The Essential Reference Guide to China Sourcing” ( and founder of PassageMaker Sourcing Solutions ( )

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