Common Mistake #2: ‘Not knowing the all-in cost of the “China price”’

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“The 10 most common mistakes made by foreign buyers in China”

Program will offer case studies and solutions relating to the following mistakes:

  • Poorly defined specs
  • Not knowing the all-in cost of the “China price”
  • Failure to audit the factory/ Falling for the golden sample
  • Failure to conduct due diligence and verify key information
  • Who’s the project manager?
  • Payments not liked to performance
  • Leaky contracts
  • Arm’s length buying
  • Registering your intellectual property after you have been knocked off
  • Not knowing which functions to outsource and which ones to keep in house

Hosted by Mike Bellamy (chairman of the China Sourcing Information Center) featuring a panel of veteran sourcing professionals.


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