How am I to understand if the supplier is reliable or not?

Thanks for your response. There is one more thing I want to know: How am I to understand if the supplier is reliable or not? I believe I have to inquire about suppliers because there are many fake suppliers in the market. Can you advise me about used laptops? Where can I get them easily? As you mentioned before, there are places in HK that are good for purchasing used laptops.


First off, you are wise to check the reputation of the seller because there are lots of scams targeting small order buyers of branded electronics in Asia. Here is a link that explains the scam: Also, here are two short  videos explaining how to do find and evaluate vendors  to ensure the supplier is reliable: and

In an earlier email you mention you would like to buy just a few pieces of used laptops.  In this case, as you are so small, you may not have the budget to do the proper audits and product inspections as mentioned in the video.  In most cases I would advise these very small buyers that it is better to deal with a domestic distributor rather than try to go direct to China because the risks for you would out weight the potential rewards.  The article explains why:

However, if you travel to Hong Kong and can personally review the quality of the lap tops, then you have a better chance of success so long as the cost of the flight to HK doesn’t eat up all your margins and that you understand how to evaluate what is and isn’t a good laptop.  You can find sellers of used laptops in the Wanchai electronics district of HK.  I don’t advise you going direct to mainland China wholesale markets for your used lap tops as you will have very little recourse if something goes wrong.

Actually, in my experience, your safest and most affordable option may be to buy your used lap tops on-line from USA for the following reasons:

  1. Even used ones come with a sellers warranty
  2. Safe and easy purchasing on-line
  3. Reputation and customer service history can be viewed on-line too
  4. Experience shipping international
  5. Because of the volume of the marketplace in USA, you may find that the used laptops are less expensive in USA than HK.


To get you started,  check out the refurbished laptops found at the online Apple store ( and Best Buy is another good place to look:


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