Help finding a lost contact in China

How do I find a particular company and get its email address and address? The last person in that company was using his own email address but he has left and I cannot find anyone else.


Assuming you have name in English or Chinese of the supplier, the first option is to do a search of that name in and/or for example.  Those options are free. But if you still can’t find it, here are some paid, yet affordable options for you to consider.

  1. could help you connect the dots. Visit their website to see how their data can expose the identity of the exporters and importers.
  2. conducts business investigation.  For a fee they could either track down the person that left the supplier and/or find the original supplier.
  3. Another option is the sourcing agency I founded over a decade ago called PassageMaker (  And while we may not be able to find your original supplier (especially if they are out of business), we certainly could help you find a suitable supplier that meets your targets for price, quality and lead-time.

Let me how things work out for you on this project.

Wishing you successful China sourcing.

Question answered by Mike Bellamy, host of “Ask the Experts” at the China Sourcing Information Center.

Mike Bellamy is an Advisory Board Member & Featured Blogger at the not-for-profit China Sourcing Information Center ( He is also the author of, “The Essential Reference Guide to China Sourcing” ( and founder of PassageMaker Sourcing Solutions ( )


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