Top 10 Common Mistakes

“Top 10 Common Mistakes Made by Foreign Buyers in China”

April 2012 seminar, Hong Kong

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Mike Bellamy, Chairman of Advisory Board, China Sourcing Information Center; China Operations Director, PassageMaker Sourcing Solutions


  • Julien Roger, Co-founder & Co-owner, Asia Quality Focus
  • Kevyn Kennedy, General Manager, CBI Consulting
  • Sophie, Directing Partner,
  • Thaddaeus Mueller, Business Development Manager, Fiducia Management Consultants

This exciting sofa talk session will offer case studies and solutions to the following mistakes:

  1. Poorly defined specs
  2. Not knowing the all-in cost of the China price?
  3. Failure to audit the factory/ Falling for the golden sample
  4. Failure to conduct due diligence and verify key information
  5. Who’s the project manager?
  6. Payments not linked to performance
  7. Leaky contracts
  8. Arm’s length buying
  9. Registering your intellectual property after you have been knocked off
  10. Not knowing which functions to outsource and which ones to keep in-house

This intermediate-level course is designed to continue and discuss further some of the topics from the entry-level seminar entitled Buying from China (Module 1): What new buyers need to know. It is recommended that interested parties take part in both seminars to gain more valuable insights on sourcing from China.


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