Highlights from the Asia Quality Focus Blog

Our partner Asia Quality Focus (AQF)’s blog provides valuable information about quality control inspections, factory audits and other supply chain problems that could affect the potential buyer. Here are some of our favorite posts from June:

We all know that communication is important in selecting a factory. However, AQF notes that process establishing that relationship doesn’t end when you return home. This blog post outlines how a proactive approach to communication and a third party inspection agency can maintain a positive customer-supplier relationship.

Maintaining the relationship with your supplier from afar: Communication & QC

AQF details how spending money on pre-inspection services can save a company from being stuck with an unsellable order, and save the company money in the long run.

Client Success Stories: Quality Control on Shoes

AQF profiles how the current fragile oligarchy of international shipping lines could potentially be nearing a collapse and how that could affect your business.

Rising tides of Freight Forwarders: Higher Prices for Importers

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