Best of the Asia Quality Blog for the Month of July

They had a great month of blogging over at the Asia Quality Blog discussing all manner of issues and best practices in ensuring your products ship with the desired quality levels.  They discussed everything from using an online messaging service to keep communication with your suppliers clear and east to testing for humidity in shipping crates.  Here is a quick overview of some of the highlights of the month.

Using QQ International to Communicate With Your Chinese Supplier

Author Julien Rolin discusses an important tool to help the flow of communication with staff, suppliers, and even third party service providers.  QQ is a free messaging tool that is incredibly easy to use once you have the contact information of your service providers.  It is an instant messaging tool which will allow you to get the answers you need in a timely fashion.

RAPEX Recalls – A Warning to QC Ignorance

Matt Gleysteen discusses the importance of having a quality process in place throughout manufactuing.  With the rise of the industrialization in Asia many suppliers try to cut corners to meet demand.  Don’t let your project be the next recall.

GSM Test & Quality Control

Matt also discusses the Grams/Square Meter measurments to help spot issues with many textiles.  This test also helps standardize your product to ensure all goods have the same consistancy.

China Dispute Resolution: Jamon Yerger

The blog also features a great interview with dispute resolution expert: Jamon Yerger.  The interview covers common issues (culutral or otherwise) that you will find while doing business in China.

Carton Humidity Testing: Vital For Your Quality Control in Asia

Basically the title of this post says it all.  You need to be sure that your product is shipping in ideal conditions especially if the product is sensitive to humidity.

Overall, they had a great month at the Asia Quality Blog.  I look forward to reading the interesting content throughout the rest of the summer!


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