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Ripped-off in China?

I set out on a research project to form a general guideline to answer an inquiry we receive in its many forms every week: “my supplier did me wrong, I either can’t get in contact them or they won’t fix the problem.  What can I do?”  I started with the intention of writing a five page white paper and finished with a small blog post.   Why? The answer is simply because there turned out to be so few options for a buyer who has been done wrong by a Chinese supplier.  As an example, If you Google “Better Business Bureau China Equivalent” you’re led to a question being asked: “Is there a Better Business Bureau in Changzhou, China?”  One of the replies was “That’s a good joke.”  The other repliers put it in softer terms, but had the same general message. There is no Better Business Bureau in mainland China and nothing remotely close.

If your order has a large monetary value there are intermediary firms that can help, such as our friends at who handle loss recover/dispute resolution by charging a fixed fee or % of recovered funds.   However, many times we receive emails from buyers of relatively small monetary value.  If these customers made their purchase through a service like PayPal they could try PayPal’s mediation services.  However, the seller is most likely not going to respond and the only option you’re left with is receiving a chargeback.  As the consumerist notes, this is a daunting, and most likely unsuccessful venture. (  If a service like Western Union is used, there are no options for the buyer to file a complaint.

So in the end the best thing you can do is help others avoid your same fate, and help prevent those who scammed you from doing it again.  You can report the event to your local Better Business Bureau or to a site like  I know that these are the answers you were hoping for but it’s the reality of the situation.  Some helpful links to avoid these situations in the future are:


9 thoughts on “Ripped-off in China?

  1. AvatarMike

    Check out I am a consultant there on general business issues and the local lawyers in the network can help w landlord relations.

  2. AvatarRonny

    Hello Mike, can you inform me of any lawyers that consult expats on dealing with a shaddy landlord? Thanks

  3. AvatarMike

    Hi Sandeep,
    thanks for your comments to my blog. Sorry you had problems with your supplier. Did you purchase FOB or CIF terms? regardless, the suppliers are usually pretty good at making a product, but poor at organizing the global delivery. I like to let the supplier focus on manufacturing and then i organize the logistics using my appointed freight forwarder. Here is a blog post that explains in detail:

    Looks like you are new to sourcing, so if you need to get up to speed quickly on the dos/don’ts, please check out my guide book:

  4. AvatarSandeep Chouhan

    My name Sandeep Chouhan i live in Canada I order 6 light solar street light sun masters China I told them I am new in this please help me setup my business I order light send to India for business when light reach India custom ask bis certificate i ask sun masters please provide me certificate than I find this company is not rigester with bis certificate this regan my first shipment stuck at India custom and sun masters not responsibility my 1530 dollars is garbage now I am new why sun masters take order if they don’t have paper to clear custom

  5. AvatarNasako

    Does the Chinese embassy in your area has anything to say/help in scenarios like above. They should be able to guide, provide some kind of info to start with.

  6. Avatarspencer

    They charged me over 100 dolors for 9 items I received 4 told them and it’s my fault? I told them I would send back t he items for full refund no response. I finally give up they now are harassing me over their mistake and blaming me. So I’m going to take legal measures. I’m so ashamed at the service provided to me from linda.

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