China Sourcing to Middle Eastern Countries

Are you located in a Middle Eastern country and want to source products from China?  Maybe you have connections in the Middle East and think there is a trading opportunity that you can benefit from.  If you have yet to start, then now is the time to do so.

During the 3rd China-Arab States Economic and Trade Forum, which was held in September, Vice Premier Li Keqiang explained the benefits of Sino-Arab cooperation.  According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China at,

“Vice Premier Li pointed out that entering the new century, China and the Arab countries have established strategic partnerships and the cooperation in all fields was productive. The Sino-Arab cooperation is the cooperation between developing countries. It is open, inclusive, and comprehensive. Such cooperation features cultural exchanges and interactions and mutual respect for different national habits and religious traditions. Such cooperation has strong cohesion and vitality. The Arab world has unique advantages in resource and is currently working on promoting industrial diversification and urbanization and improving the livelihood of the people. China has a comparative advantage in technology, industry, market and other fields. The Sino-Arab cooperation has bright prospects and the two sides should expand the scale and upgrade the level of such cooperation.”

Before coming to China I was a bit fearful for my safety from all the news I would hear back in the USA.  Mainly about how horrible communism is and how wonderful democracy is.  After living here for over a year, I actually feel less safe walking the streets of New York City than I do anywhere in China.  We all know that there are wars going on in the Middle East and I certainly hope for peace as soon as possible, but that shouldn’t stop someone from embarking on a business venture.

After telling people I visited family in various Middle Eastern countries during the summer, they would ask me how I could possibly go there with all the problems that are happening.  Should people stop visiting and doing business in NYC because of the events that took place on 9/11?  I witnessed the event and continued to live there for 10 more years.

People in the Middle East are not savages, no matter how certain media outlets may depict them.  They are humble, open, honest and friendly people.  They welcome business opportunities as long as there is mutual respect and mutual benefit.  There are the exceptions of certain Middle Eastern countries that are restrictive of certain types of business, usually due to political issues.

Shaher Husein joined CSIC/ PassageMaker as a content manager/ import-export trainee in 2012 to fully immerse himself in China and international trade.  He has a Bachelors in Business, Management and Finance from Brooklyn College.  Shaher speaks English and Arabic and is based in Shenzhen.



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  1. Terri Lane on December 31, 2012 at 2:46 pm

    When you are out sourcing you don’t think up to where you can go. For as long someone gets your products then that would be perfect. Suppliers should make a high quality product that will make their customers keep them as suppliers.

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