Global Sources–Winter Wrap Up

Global Sources always provides the latest in all things sourcing.  Here are our favorites, from winter 2012-2013.

Why is China expensive?

Global Sources provided an excerpt from the article, ‘“The End of Made-in-China?” orginially from Silk Road Associates. GS summarized different scenarios causing buyers less likely to ‘buy China.’  Two in particular, China’s youth labor supply has started to decline and China’s wages are rising. Both speak for themselves.  GS included charts from SRA depicting China’s average age in comparison to other countries, vying for buyer attention.   GS also noted other countries minimum wages in comparison to China, China coming in first as the highest wage.  Be sure to check out the article to find out more on China’ s currency appreciation and its slowing economy.

Hot Product: Take your energy needs to the power bank

Last year after my friend bought his new Samsung Galaxy SII, he remarked how much he loved it, he also remarked how little life the battery had.  He said, “I love new technology, but I wish battery technology would catch up already.”  GS produced graphs of power bank ‘popularity and buyer inquiries,’ in 2012 showing a steady increase within the months.  For those wondering exactly what a power bank is, it is just that.  If you’re traveling and your Samsung, iPod, Nexus tablet, kindle, laptop, all run out of juice, then you simply plug in via USB port to your power bank, and POW you’ve got power.  Thanks GS for keeping us up to date with the hottest items on the market.

Global Sources top 20 electronics products (December 2012): Mobile world

This list speaks for itself.  As with the previous article, power banks introduced a pocket sized bank, thus gaining more interest in the product.  Let’s see if these trends withstand the Year of the Snake.

China Export Forecast

GS gave us an ‘infograph’ predicting China’s exports for 2013.  GS surveyed over 1500 suppliers.  These data could predict exports for 2013.  Check out the graph to see how predictions line up with the Year of the Snake.

Can Sailfish take on Android in China

Author and contributor to GS, Majeed Ahmad, gave us an interesting look at a competitor to Google’s Android OS and iPhone’s OS, Sailfish.  Sailfish is a Finnish based ‘open source OS.’  Mainland China is known to have a huge consumer market in smartphone tech. Ahmad presents one aspect that sets Sailfish apart from the rest and that’s, “but unlike Android, which is free but uses heavy-handed tactics to keep handset manufacturers in line, Sailfish is encouraging phone makers to tweak the software for local markets.” Let’s see how this upcoming competitor fairs in the Middle Kingdom.

Importers: Expect us to buy more in 2013

GS conducted a survey with over 80% of responders “expecting order volume to exceed 2012’s purchases. ”  GS received the responses and posted them by geographic location.  GS found Oceania to be the “most optimistic” regarding imports and the US, hopeful ‘insourcing’ will become a trend in 2013. Check out the survey to find out more results and graphs predicting sourcing hubs of 2013.

US customs lists 2012 top fakes, sources of seizures

GS provided us with another infographic.  GS depicts how US customs was able to seize 22,800 counterfeit goods in 2012, resulting in almost $1.3 billionUSD.  Mainland China being the most deliquent in producing apparel fakes.  Check out the pictograph for more information.

A big thank you to Global Sources for providing outstanding graphs, predictions and articles from winter 2012-2013.  We look forward to spring 2013 at GS.


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