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In the midst of Chinese New Year, Asia Quality Focus didn’t miss a beat.  AQF gave us a look at various areas inside inspecting within sourcing. AQF told us of a new directive the EU will begin following, summer 2013.  AQF reinforced the importance of environmental audits.  They gave us a distinct comparison between OEM & ODM suppliers.  AQF mentioned how the largest sourcing company in the world plans to give its supply chain team and production system a facelift while cutting costs.  Lastly, AQF provided a list of what is affected or not when conducting quality inspections on multiple products.

Toy Safety Directive EU: July 2013

Author, Godefroy Delteil, detailed an EU toy directive replacing a twenty year old mandate.  Nickel and Zinc are two main elements that will be restricted.  Nineteen elements in total will be restricted.  Fifty-five allergenic fragances will also be restricted.  Come July 21st, you won’t find any toys being sold in the EU which don’t comply with the new order.

Environmental Audits in Asia

AQF Operations team tells us, “many companies and organizations are increasingly concerned with making sure the entire supply chain complies with environmental standards. In this light, many companies have set up their own environmental standards, sometimes even more stringent than local legislation.”  AQF later advises us that it’s a good idea to have an ‘Environmental Management System,’ EMS, in place.  EMS is a preventive measure and can save resources.  It also ‘lets your stakeholders know you are environmentally aware.’

OEM and ODM Suppliers: What’s the Difference?

Author, Julien Rolen, offered a comparison between factories listed as either ODM or OEM.  There are two key differences between the ODM and OEM. ODM will take the buyer’s idea and come up with a finished product for the buyer.  OEM is a manufacturer who will only use the buyer’s original blueprint.  Be sure to read the article to find out why the two can be risky.

Production Samples for Textiles

AQF blog team noted Li & Fung’s expectations to “decrease the amount of time and resources involved in developing new products, companies [Alvanon] must BOTH ensure that processes are optimized and that there is proper implementation of effective 3D modeling tools.”  Two things we learned, clothing takes a long time to process and is pretty expensive.  Check out the article for more info.

Quality Inspection of Multiple Product Types: What is Affected?

AQF Operations Team gave us advice when pairing multiple products to one inspection.  AQF notes acceptable materials paired together as well us unacceptable during an inspection.  An important factor to remember is that if you pair so many items together you will lose inspection time and items may not be properly inspected. AQF tells us, ‘it’s important to inspect different product lines on different days.’  Check out the article for more tips on what’s best during inspections.

Thank you to AQF for giving us excellent advice on Asia quality control, providing the latest information on new policies, and helping us understand manufacturers.  We look forward to March at Asia Quality Focus.


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  1. Willie Summers on April 5, 2013 at 8:21 am

    Thank you for sharing this information and the difference between ODM and OEM. Toys from China should be checked for the presence of those harmful chemicals that might harm the kids playing their toys. I have also heard before about Lead contents on the toy’s from China and this is really very hazardous. Quality check and audit is very important.

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