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Believe it or not next week begins March’s end.  With it comes our compilation of our sponsors’ best articles.  This month we reviewed articles from Global Sources, Asia Quality Focus, and AsiaBridge.  GS gave us two completely different posts, one about ‘reshoring’ and one regarding the top electronics for February.  AQF warned us of mixing sourcing and QC, using the same agent to take care of both. In this case they warned us, you aren’t killing two birds with one stone.  AsiaBridge detailed a smart route to follow when protecting intellectual property within China.

Why Sourcing & QC Do not Mix

Author David Fisher tells his readers as a conflict of interest it’s unwise to have QC firms provide both inspections and sourcing. Fisher says combining the two have often resulted in sensitive information being released to competitors.  Later, Fisher adds, ‘past performance is no indicator of future performance’. Textually, it’s appealing being able to take care of both operations at once but if you want to encourage the best possible results for yourself, it’s wise to always keep sourcing and inspections separate.

Global Sources Top 20 Electronics Products

GS tracked February’s buyer interests in various electronics.  GS found power banks are still making a lot of noise with iPhone accessories and multifunction USB flash drives following closely. Check out GS‘s findings for more info on hot electronics.

‘Tis not the season to reshore yet …

GS has stressed to us that reshoring is nothing to worry about, yet.  They have stressed this in previous articles as well as this one. Even though many people keep bringing up ‘reshoring,’ GS marks the terrain and explains why China is still a sourcing giant and probably isn’t going anywhere.  A big aspect is wages.  GS compared Chinese wages to typical American factory worker wages. Chinese wages are at one tenth American wages.  Another large reason is the fact that China specializes in electronics, factories in China are more readily equipped than the are in the US.  A quote ending the article says, “”Made in America, Again”, Boston Consulting’s report foresees 2015 to be the turning point for reshoring. By then, producing goods for the US in the US will be as economical as making them in China.”

How to Protect your IPR while doing business in China

Lawyer Sophie Mao outlined four complete steps one should follow as they embark on business in China.  Registering your IP proves to be the most important out of all four.  As soon as one entertains the idea of moving business to China it is vital to register your IP; China is notorious for fakes.  As previous articles have said on CSIC, China is a first to register, not first to market, IP system.  Check out the rest of the article concerning signing an NDA with your partner and registering your product with the China customs bureau.

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