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Experienced or Not. Setting Up in China. Introduction to Series

Before embarking on a China career, my brother and I started a health and beauty supply store in New York City. In memory of our father, the store was called Yaba Bath & Body (“Yaba” being the slang term for “father” in Arabic).

As an entrepreneur at heart, I moved to China in 2011 to learn about International Trade and the Chinese market with the goal of sourcing quality products for people in Middle Eastern countries. I joined CSIC as a content manager in 2012 to fully immerse myself in China and international trade. I’m also working on some very interesting projects with PassageMaker as an Account Manager.  I speak Arabic and am based in Shenzhen.

Earlier this year, I attended an event called Shenzhen Startup Weekend.  Startup Weekend is a global grassroots movement of active and empowered entrepreneurs who are learning the basics of founding startups and launching successful ventures. Some of which go on to form their own company.

One of the many services that PassageMaker provides is to help companies who want to expand their business into China. A dental supply company from Brazil is currently in Shenzhen working on building a factory in China. PassageMaker is in the process of helping them with this delicate process and recommended that they open a Hong Kong Company through Fiducia Management Consultants Fiducia is a multidisciplinary firm with over 80 experienced and dedicated specialists and four offices strategically located in Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Shenzhen.

During my last visit to Hong Kong, I visited the office of Fiducia, which is located in the O.T.B Building at 160 Gloucester Road.  In the lobby, there is a large touch screen panel to help visitors locate offices within the building. When the doors of the elevator opened on the 15th floor, there was a massive poster celebrating the 30+ years Fiducia has been in business. To my right was the entrance to the office where the secretary politely greeted me. While there, I conducted interviews with Associate Director Thaddeaus Mueller and Trade Services Manger Bryon Wong.

Building Entrance                                Lobby                              Celebrating 30 Years           Office Entrance on 15th floor

This 5 part series will be posted over the next few weeks. The information can be useful for entrepreneurs just starting out or well established companies who want to improve and expand their business. Please check back with CSIC to see what the experts have to say to these very interesting questions:

1- Are representative offices in China redundant?

2- Explain the difference of accounting in China vs. HK.

3- What are the recent changes to VAT for service firms in Shanghai and Guangdong all about?  How will this effect international buyers?

4- What are the Benefits of using a HK company to control sourcing operations in China?

5- How does Fiducia’s SCM platform help its clients manage suppliers and customers to achieve better ROI?

Shaher Husein is originally from New York City and has been in China since 2011.  He has a Bachelors in Business, Management and Finance from Brooklyn College and is based in Shenzhen.


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