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AQF kickstarted March stressing the importance of the ‘three I’s.’ Later AQF added to that idea the importance of monitoring quality control inspectors. AQF also discussed acceptable quality limit (AQL) inspections and how to find relevant information. Lastly, AQF provided a list describing what should be under signature in a purchase order (PO).

Quality Control’s 3 I’s: Independence, Impartiality & Integrity

AQF Operations Team gave us insight as to why people hire a third party inspection agency. The three I’s stress to the supplier that you are a serious buyer and your inspection agency is representative of you and your company. However, third party inspection agencies are specially trained in this area so it’s important to select a third party rather than a representative from your actual company; this helps keep with impartiality. AQF stresses that while most inspectors sign a strict code of conduct and must follow it closely, it is wise to keep a close eye on inspectors. Check out the article for more tips on QC and inspectors.

Monitoring Quality Control Inspectors

Habib Rkha tells readers: inspectors are the first responders when it comes to third party inspections. This goes along with the previous post. While inspectors are held to a general standard of conduct, monitoring of these individuals should still take place, Rkha tells us. Rkha concludes by saying, “Monitoring is also one of the most important tools of the continuous improvement strategy.” It’s always good to keep in mind that ‘people don’t do what you expect; they do what you inspect.’ Check out the article for more useful ways of monitoring third parties.

AQL Inspections & Helpful Information

Maximilian Hess gave us insight on acceptable quality limit (AQL).  He provided a list that buyers must include in order to ‘minimize time and maximize efficiency.’  This list is tailor made to products one is sourcing.  It’s good to keep this in mind because it helps keep the supplier in check. See the list for more details on how to source efficiently and intelligently.

Purchase Order Guidelines For Imports

Godefroy Delteil tells readers that PO’s are often revisited after an issue comes to fruition. Delteil tells us after a problem is discovered many buyers will call in a third party to fix the issue at hand. Delteil says this can all be avoided if proper PO’s are drawn up leaving out potential problems. Check out the posting for a detailed list on what should be included on a PO.


Thank you AQF for giving us top inspection insight within sourcing.  We look forward to next month.

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