Experienced or Not. Setting Up in China. Part 4 of 5

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What are the Benefits of using a HK company to control sourcing operations in China?

HK has been and remains a very popular choice for international companies to set up their sourcing operations, due to its ease of doing business and its, strategic location for sourcing from China and rest of Asia.

If you supply major sourcing companies with offices in HK, you have the advantage of working closely with your buyers. You will also benefit from the large number of companies in HK offering support services such as testing, certification, and quality assurance.

From our experience supporting clients in setting up in HK and China and it’s just much easier and faster … A HK co. offers much greater flexibility as you fine tune your strategies along the way.

You are more likely to find the right talent for managing and supporting your sourcing operation in HK due to HK’s long-established sourcing industries and the intl biz environment.

If the orders are channeled through the HK co., you can enjoy lower tax, issue contracts in HK, and go through arbitration / litigation in HK in case of disputes.

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Bryan Wong, Trade Services Manager, BSc, MBA

Bryan leads Fiducia’s Trade Service Department in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Shanghai. He comes from a diverse background of operations management, business process optimisation and project management. Since joining Fiducia in 2006, Bryan has been advising clients on cost-effective supply chain solutions by leveraging the latest technologies and modern management practices. Having worked in manufacturing and buying companies, Bryan understands both demand and supply sides of the trade industry.

Bryan completed both his MBA and BSc in Travel Industry Management from the University of Hawaii. He is also a PMP (Project Management Professional), which is one of the most recognised project management certification programs worldwide.

Bryan speaks fluent English, Chinese (Cantonese & Mandarin) and is conversational in Japanese.


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