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Common Mistake #9: ‘Not Registering Your IP in Advance’

Sourcing expert Mike bellamy offers his take on what can go wrong if you don’t understand the process for registering Intellectual Property. Taped at the October 2012 Sourcing Seminar in Hong Kong.


2 thoughts on “Common Mistake #9: ‘Not Registering Your IP in Advance’

  1. AvatarMike

    Thanks Angela,
    I’ll let the tech know know about this glitch. In the meantime you can find most of my videos on my youtube channel as well. Simply search YT for “mike + bellamy + China”

  2. AvatarAngela Lovarco

    Hi there – just letting you know that most of the videos on your site won’t play. I’ve tried in Firefox and Edge on two computers.

    Also – when I try to sign up or register – it hangs on the “checking credentials” step.

    Kind Regards

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