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Asia Quality Focus presented lots of good stuff in May.  AQF answered the question, ‘do I need inspections and lab product testing?’  Later AQF stressed the importance of inspection seals placed on finished product.   AQF posed the question as to whether the seals are secure.  AQF discussed Bangladesh’s building tragedy and how it relates to conducting proper and frequent social audits.  Finally AQF offered a distinct comparison of safety classes within wires and how inspectors check to make sure they are compliant.

Do I need inspections and lab product testing?
The AQF Operations Team offers its readers a look at what factories ‘will’ inspect and what an inspection agency inspects. Inspection agencies are much more in depth and know what they are looking for.  Check out the article to understand the importance of specific inspections.

After Product Inspection: Sealed Boxes Secure?
David Fisher explains the stamped seal of an inspection agency and the tape they will place on the boxes ready to be shipped.  Fisher depicts how you can actually tell when a factory tampers with the sealed product thus ensuring a factory is responsible and not the inspection agency.  Read more to understand the importance of seals.

Rana Plaza, Prevention actions & Social Audit
The AQF Operations Team express their sadness at the latest building collapse in Bangladesh and also offers a means to preventing this in the future. Read more about why several audits are necessary.

IEC 61140 – Safety Classes Description
Maximilian Hess offers a description of different wires factories will put together.  Inspections are particularly important for these components because some factories may be matching incorrect wires thus creating bad product.  Visit the article for an in-depth look.


Thank you, Asia Quality Focus, for providing us with wonderful inspection information within sourcing.  Looking forward to June. 

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