Product Sourcing and Modifications

Product Sourcing in China

Let’s say you had an idea for a product and worked with a product design company to develop it.  Let’s say you filed for IP protection and have been making money from it for a while.  Now you want to find ways to cut costs and improve on your product by hiring a company for product sourcing and to make some modifications to it. 

As Account Manager for a sourcing agency in China, I am currently working with a client who has the same problem.  Due to client confidentiality, I am unable to identify the client.  Let’s just say that the company that approached us for this project is named Mobile Juicers and the owner’s name is Bob.

Mobile Juicers has an all in one mobile juicing kit for people who want to make fresh juice but aren’t always near a kitchen.  Just like its name, the kit is mobile and comes in a case.  Within the case is a juicer, blender, cutting board, slots to store knives and a mini cooler to store fruits and vegetables.  The case itself is a charging port for the products and can last up to 24 hours. 

Bob isn’t happy with the lead-time and service quality of his current supplier in China.  He also wants to improve his product to make it better than the competition.  How can he improve his product without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars by hiring a product design company all over again? 

Get the Right Help to Source Your Products in China

It turns out that Bob came to the right place.  He hired the sourcing agency I work for to source the whole kit.  After a few weeks of the supplier selection process, which included a review of the suppliers commitment to protecting Bobs’ IP, the agency narrowed down the search to two suppliers who have experience with his product and also sell similar products.  The next steps are to get samples from the suppliers, get Bob’s approval on the modifications and finally following mass production of the product.  

Shaher Husein joined CSIC/ PassageMaker as a Content Manager/ Account Manager in 2012 to fully immerse himself in China and international trade.  He has a Bachelors in Business, Management and Finance from Brooklyn College. Shaher speaks English and Arabic and is based in Shenzhen.

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