Best of Fall at Asia Quality Focus [AQF]

September, October, and November saw a lot of great content pumping out of Quality Control’s blog.  We’ve compiled the best.  Be sure to check them out for the best tips on inspections, audits, and smart sourcing.

Difference between audit and inspection

The Asia Quality Focus Team illustrates the difference between an audit and inspection for us. The results are more substantial than one would think. Check out the article to see for yourself.

Factory audit in China: opening meeting

Orientation meetings are the first step to conducting a proper inspection while sourcing in China says, Habib Rkha. Rkha details what the meeting entails and what steps will happen next.

Sourcing in China more securely : the purchase order role

The AQF Operations team reminds us that stellar purchase orders=stellar inspections and by stellar we mean specific. Specifics in a purchase order/purchase contract are extremely important, not only does it help suppliers but it helps third party inspections.

Approval sample role during a product inspection in China

Just like the importance of having purchase contracts, so you must have sample approval as well, known by the AQF team, as the ‘golden sample.’ These stamps of approval ensures product samples comply with what you are actually ordering when sourcing to China. Check out the article to better understand just how important ‘golden samples’ are.

Quality of products made in China

AQF Quality Team provides a clever picture outlining just what one is paying for when sourcing in China. A lot of it falls along the common sense side as well. Read the article to see how China produces a plethora of goods expanding from total luxury to the lesser, it all depends on what the buyer has in mind for his or her products.

3M tape test during a product inspection

Asia Quality Focus testing team allowed us a closer look at in depth inspections, behold: the 3M tape test. This test is performed solely for checking the coating on products. It is performed at either the lab or at the site itself. Check out the article for more information on these inspections.

Thank you AQF for keeping us informed on inspections while sourcing in China.  Happy Holidays!

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