Insider’s look at legal services in China: IP Registration: Introduction (Part 2)

China is a “first to register” rather than “first to market” system.

Let’s say you have product made in China under your brand and you have registered that brand in your home country. Registration in your home market doesn’t provide coverage in China. If another party registers your IP before you do, they essential own the rights to your IP in China, even if your product is well-established in the global market. As so much manufacturing takes place in Asia, it is wise to register your IP in China even if you are not yet selling to the Chinese market. If a competitor were to register your IP, they could effectively shut down your supply chain by preventing your suppliers from exporting your product.


An officially authorized registration agent can provide the following services for international clients:

Copyright Registration

Trademark Registration

Patent Registration (Utility Patents, Design Patents & Invention Patents)

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