Insider’s look at legal services in China: Contracts & Purchase Orders (Part 14)

On behalf of the client, a China based lawyer can prepare new contracts from scratch based on proven templates or they can simply review your existing documents and offer a legal opinion.

For new documents, typical project steps are as follows:

  1. Review client’s objectives and concerns for the document
  2. Draft English version for review with client
  3. Add Chinese Translation

Common Contract Types/ Typical Fee Structure

The following fees are listed in “RMB” which is the Chinese currency also known as “CNY” or “Chinese Yuan”. Payment may be made in any major currency at the day’s given exchange rate. Visit to check the exchange rate of your currency against the CNY.

Lawyer   Fee (all inclusive) Contract   Type Description
450   RMB Bi-lingual   Purchase Order (PO) 1-2   pages
4250   RMB Simple   Bi-lingual Purchase Contract (SPC) Up   to 5 pages
9400   RMB Bi-lingual   Purchase Contract (PC) 10-12pages
5200   RMB Bi-lingual   Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) 7-8   pages
5200RMB Bi-lingual   Employment Contracts 7   pages
Project   dependent Bi-lingual   Shareholder Agreements
5200RMB Bi-lingual   Distributorship Agreements 7-8   pages

Please contact me if you don’t see the type of contract you are looking for.


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