Top Blog Posts of the Month related to Sourcing, QC, Legal and Supply China Management

Best of CSIC network 5.8.2014 to 5.29.2014

Editor’s Picks from Sourcing & Supply China Management Blog Posts

Negotiation, Contracts and Payments – The Ultimate Guide

What I told CNN about China sourcing

Options for support with sourcing and supply chain management

A very unique marketing message: Chinese salesman offers tips on how buyers can manage their supply chains when dealing with factories, like his, that have no project management.

How to source pre-fab housing from China?

Editor’s Picks from Intellectual Property Blog Posts

If your IP is being violated, it is most likely taking place in these 9 hotbeds of illegal activity.

China Sourcing - SCM, QC, QA and ISO 9001

Visit’s blog for posts tailored to large and experienced buyers.

Editor’s Picks from Quality Control, Quality Assurance and ISO 9001 Blog Posts

The 6 best blog posts about QC & Quality Assurance in Asia

Editor’s Picks for China Law Issues

Why Should I Retain a Chinese Law Firm?




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