China Sourcing Update: More Scams Exposed + How to Source Safe + Insider’s Look at Product Liability Issues

China Sourcing Update: More Scams Exposed + How to Source Safe + Insider’s Look at Product Liability Issues


If you are importing from China, you may be asking questions like:

  • Does the factory have product liability insurance?
  • Can my supplier handle my engineering needs?
  • How to ensure the seller won’t rip me off?
  • What payment methods are safest?

In this month’s newsletter we get each of those important questions, and many more, answered! Need help? A list of freelance advisors is available and tips for engaging them are explained below. As it has become custom, we conclude the newsletter with an update on the latest scams targeting international buyers.

Wishing you safe sourcing! Mike Bellamy – Based in Asia since 1993


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Resources for Large & Professional Buyers


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Issues Facing New or Small Buyers


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Need help? Follow this link to get introduced to our list of endorsed service providers. Services offered include sourcing, QC, legal support, dispute resolution, due diligence, engineering, company formation, logistics and much more.


Legal Issues


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Blacklisted Suppliers – Beware of Scammers! – Read the Scams of the Month!


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  • A Ningbo supplier keeps the deposit and ignores the buyer.
  • A Shenzhen scam gets buyer to pay for express shipping on a shipment that doesn’t exist.
  • This Shanghai factory did a good job for 10 orders then messed up the quality on the 11 shipment. Rather than handle the warranty claim, they just close up shop and set up a new one the next day. Same owners, same address, same products!
  • Video: How to avoiding scams

Have you been let you down? Go here to expose the scam or under-performing suppliers!


New Resource: Affordable Freelance Sourcing Advisors


Readers of my newsletter sometimes write me, asking for an introduction to a sourcing agency. I try to give them multiple options as explained here. When they want a seasoned “China hand” to offer advice and counsel, I recommend they engage freelance sourcing advisors. The freelancers in my network are westerners living in China who generally make themselves available for a phone call at a set time each week. They charge a few 100 to 1000 USD per month depending on their experience. I have quite a few of them in my network and would be happy to make introductions to readers of my newsletter.

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