Learn How one Scammer Made Off with a Ton of Money + Tips for Effective PO’s + Why the Supplier won’t Accept the L/C

OCTOBER 2014   Sourcing Newsletter


In this month’s newsletter we take an insider’s look at how to get support drafting Purchase Orders + Advanced Sourcing Tutorials now have their own YouTube channel. Do you know where your underwear came from? You can learn a lot about the import-export business by tracing their journey from cotton field to factory to consumer! Full article linked below. As always, we conclude the newsletter with an update on the latest scams targeting international buyers. Learn how one scammer made off with over a million USD.
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Sponsored by PassageMaker Sourcing Solutions, a boutique sourcing agency helping buyers in the 2 to 20 million dollar range to find & manage suppliers, protect intellectual property, control costs & ensure quality.How to draft a PO template that works! Our library of advanced sourcing tutorials has moved to our YouTube channel. Click here for access.
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Blacklisted Suppliers – Beware of Scammers! – Read the Scams of the Month!


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