How to Register and Protect a Utility Patent when Buying from China

Today’s Question: My question pertains to my patent I currently hold on some sporting good equipment I recently just got approved for, I have a Utility Patent on my product and I need it produced ASAP how and where do I start as well as I need to find a production agent if that is what they are called. I am new to this field but I am learning as I go along, I am an educated man yet self-educating myself along the way about the patent process. Thank you for your time, V/r Ryan G

To help answer your questions, I have already created some video tutorials and blog posts on the topics you raise. You can find them here:

For additional tips about how to use production agents (incl. sourcing agents and inspection agents) follow the links below:

Options for support with sourcing and supply chain management in China

Selecting Service Providers to Support China Sourcing Projects


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