How to find the right suppliers, trading companies and service providers

Exclusive Video: Raw footage of “How to find the right suppliers, trading companies and service providers?”

Mike Bellamy is helping buyers to find reliable suppliers, trading companies and other service providers in China. Although this is not a professionally made video, it contains valuable information for all importers, sourcing in China.

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Video includes the full 60 minute training seminar conducted at the Australian International Sourcing Fair in Melbourne (Nov 2014)

Topics Covered:

• Going factory direct
• Using agents and brokers
• Negotiations with Asian suppliers
• Supplier validation (compliance, quality, due diligence)

About the speaker:

For over a decade Mike Bellamy has been an advisor to both small and fortune 500 companies wanting to do business in China. Mike has overseen the sourcing of over 200 production classifications, ranging from components for medical and automotive applications to finished products such as toys, textiles and hardware.

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