Less than 40% of goods sold online in China are authentic!

Alibaba is in the news again for the wrong reasons.

According to this China Daily article, an inspection by the Chinese government carried out between August and October showed the following:

less than 40 percent of goods from Taobao (owned by Alibaba) that were tested were authentic. This compared with 90 percent for JD.com and 85.7 percent for Tmall, an Alibaba business-to-consumer site.

Is it safe to buy from online retailers in China?

If this stuff was purchased online in China, almost 1/2 this boat load is fake!

If this stuff was purchased online in China, almost 1/2 this boat load is fake!

So if you are thinking about e-sourcing from online sellers in China…think again and read my recent blog post: Chinese don’t trust Made-in-China, why would you?

How to source safely when so many products are fake or of sub-par quality?

There are legit sellers out there, but you need to do your due diligence to make sure they are legit and equality important is to apply a measure of independent quality control to verify the goods are real and of the desired quality level BEFORE they ship out from China and BEFORE you make that big payment!

US courts may force the Alibaba to break ties with the 40 thieves

Following news that so many products on the Alibaba platform appear to be fake (not news to anybody with experience buying on line in China!) a group of US lawyers are getting ready to file a class action lawsuit. (Welcome to America, Jack Ma!)

As much as I hate the litigious nature of American business, I do hope that that some of the Chinese supplier directories like Alibaba that are listed in the US stock market will be forced by the threat of legal action do a better job of containing the number of counterfeit products found on their websites.  But until then, buyer beware!


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Wishing you successful China sourcing!

Mike Bellamy

Author of “The Essential Reference Guide to China Sourcing” & China Sourcing Academy. Founder of the PassageMaker group of companies.

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