Learn how an elite group of RMB trading hubs can save you 8% on your China sourcing.

In our blog post “Pay suppliers in RMB and save big” we explained how Chinese suppliers commonly build a “buffer” into dollar-denominated contracts to guard against exchange rate risk.

This buffer is around 8% in some cases. That’s a lot of money.

100% up front...is crazy

It’s up to the buyer to negotiate safe terms of payment. Using RMB could save a lot of money.

Paying in RMB is one way to avoid this 8% mark up. But only certain banks in a handful of cities allow you to set up an RMB account in your home country.

For example, in all of North America, only banks in Toronto (at the time of writing) offer their clients this RMB banking service.

China Daily explains:

Ontario is launching the Americas’ first trading hub for the Chinese currency renminbi (RMB), which will enable businesses across Canada to convert Canadian dollars directly into Chinese currency.

The hub will lower overall business costs for Canadian businesses by removing the need for an intermediate conversion to US dollars, while supporting increased trade between Canada and China, it said.

HSBC Holdings Plc estimates that about one-third of China’s trade will be settled in yuan by 2015.


Where can I do my banking in RMB?

At the time of writing, only London, Frankfurt, Luxembourg, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and Sydney allow RMB trading hubs. So if you bank in these cities and do business with China, you should set up an appointment with your banker before your competition beats you to the punch!


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