How to source customized Micro SD Cards in China

A buyer of medical products writes in with the following questions:

We would like to have an association with Micro SD Manufacturers (original not traders) to make our own customized Micro SD for our own purpose.

So, kindly help us to find the manufacturers of Micro SD.

Hope you can help us in this regard and If any payment is required towards consultation charges we will pay that.

Pay a little for QC now to avoid problems or a lot later when your clients find defects

Scam artists target buyers of SD cards. You are falling into a trap is you don’t test, audit and inspect before the goods ship from China!

Here is our feedback on the topics of going factory direct and supplier verification:

1.     This study explains the dangers/opportunities of the Micro SD industry and introduces some of the suppliers: May 2013 CSIC White Paper. Behind the scenes: buying Micro SD cards & flash/ thumb drives direct from China

  1. You mention you want to go factory direct. This article offers some tips on how to avoid middlemen:
  2. If you need additional support in finding and verifying potential manufacturing partners, please keep the services of the in mind.


Hope the information above helps. Let me know how things work out for you.

Glad to help.

Question answered by Mike Bellamy.

Author of “The Essential Reference Guide to China Sourcing & China Sourcing Academy. Founder of the PassageMaker group of companies.

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