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What’s a “chop” and why is it important for contracts in China when sourcing?

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Case study: Dealing with MOQ barriers when sourcing customized electronics from China

Is it Legal & Safe to Hire a Freelancer in China?

Been Scammed?  Don't forget to expose the scam at

Been Scammed? Don’t forget to expose the scam at

When raw material prices go down, can I expect lower pricing on finished product?

How can I find real companies in China who are real manufacturers in China?

How to source customized Micro SD in China

Podcast: China Sourcing: “broken down into straight up, actionable advice”

How to send money to China and avoid scams?

Scam! Holding the Shipping Documents Hostage

A Common Scam: Famous brands factory direct?

Insider's look at how to find and manage suppliers in China

A comprehensive tutorial designed to help professional buyers improve their strategic sourcing and supply chain management

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