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Hi, I’m Dr. Neale O’Connor, Co-Founder of China Sourcing Academy.

As you probably already know, sourcing from China can be expensive and time consuming. Whether you are a solopreneur looking to source from China, or you manage a procurement team in charge of sourcing from China, there are so many tricks and how-to formulas that you can use to help you, to avoid the traps and to maximize your chances of on-time delivery and end user satisfaction.

You only need to go to to understand that small businesses are making mistakes as we speak.

Question you might be asking by now:

  1. Is there one source of tricks and how to’s that you can use to guide your successful sourcing project, or to guide the on-boarding process of your new procurement team member?
  2. Is there a source that not only provides the key steps, but shows the traps and pitfalls and but is logically organized that takes you from the start of your sourcing project through to its completion?
  3. Is there a single source that has an assessment tool that enables you to confirm that training has taken place among your team?

That’s why a service like ours it so helpful!

With a single subscription to the China Sourcing Academy, you or all associates of your company can learn about the key steps, the traps and pitfalls in concise yet extremely comprehensive, online video based lessons. For you, this means that the days of learning by trail and error, or only being able to use your experienced procurement managers as your training guide, are officially over! We offer over 16 hours of videos, covering a wide range, starting from supplier selection, negotiation, factory inspection to logistics topics. As a member of China Sourcing Academy, you’ll have access to all existing and future content, creating an extremely dynamic learning environment.

Our videos play on PCs, Macs, tablets and most smart phones, meaning you are able to take our training with you at all times. We also provide material on USB’s for those times a reliable internet connection isn’t available.

We recognize that not everybody works or learns the same way. That’s why our videos have been optimized to last around 10 to 30 minutes, allowing you to quickly get the answers you are looking for. Or perhaps you need to efficiently train team members prior to a trip to China.

Many of our customers use China Sourcing Academy for these very reasons, while other customers, seeking certification, spend hours watching each and every video we have ever produced. And for those who like to read, we provide manuals in pdf format that can be accessed offline. Students can check their learning with interactive quizzes, to provide feedback on their learning, and to gain formal certification from CSA.

The best part of the China Sourcing Academy, is that Mike and I are on the ground in China to give you the latest tricks and tips to make your China sourcing a success. Mike and I look forward to seeing you in the China Sourcing Academy. Click this link to sign up now!


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