Scams in China – This Online Supplier is Just Too Friendly…

Is the online supplier being “too friendly”?

Importer from Ireland writes:

This may seem like a trivial/silly question but I’m trying to source a supplier in China via Alibaba and I’m often surprised by the number of vendors addressing me as ‘friend’. I’m not sure if this is common practice in China and harmless or I should be suspicious and steer clear of anyone appearing too familiar.

Let's be friends!

Let’s be friends!

That does sound strange; and you’re probably right to be suspicious. While Alibaba has a massive list of potential suppliers in China, it is not known for the quality of the suppliers in their directory.  Personally, I prefer and to Ali!

If you have reservations about the Chinese vendors calling you “friend”, check out these links and see if the sellers have the red flags mentioned in the posts and videos.

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You’ll find a bunch of video tutorials about Scams in China on my YouTube channel:

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Let me know how things work out.

Glad to help.


Questions about Scams in China answered by Mike Bellamy

Founder of the PassageMaker Group of companies & business lecturer at the China Sourcing Academy


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