Product Design and Manufacturing – Well Begun is Half Done!

The product design is the first stage of a process that will bring into the market place a new product. This step can be divided into 3 parts: the idea, its development and the final production.
In order to reach the final goal (in this case a product that represents what was intended at the beginning), it’s necessary that the design is detail-oriented. These details must concern also the place of fabrication and the features of the supplier.

The lack of knowledge about the adaptability of the design to the factory capabilities is a problem that can come out once the design has been sent. It’s very important to try to adapt your product design to the features of the factory as soon as possible. Indeed, the design product should be conceived also regarding the features of the place of production. The designer should have a knowledge about the production constraints. For this reason, it’s very important that you spend enough time looking for the right manufacturer in order to select the best factory for your production.
In addition to this, also the cooperation and the interaction, between the supplier and the design team, are essential. But here, many problems can come out, and some of them are due to the distance or to the language barrier. Indeed, at this stage, given that communication recovers an important role, misunderstandings can compromise the continuation of the process.

So, this is a salient point in your business: make sure that everything is clear among you and your supplier. You can develop your business only with a good communicative base otherwise there is a high risk that your final product doesn’t reflect properly your intentions.

Talking about ideas and purposes, it would be advantageous to make the manufacturer understand how you intend your idea. The sharing of feelings, opinions and points of view are closely related to a good final product.
Underestimating these aspects can be a big mistake, so take into consideration the support of a third party with a deep knowledge of China sourcing. He can understand your expectations and, at the same time, lead you to the right choice!


  1. Mike on January 12, 2017 at 3:31 pm

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