Anal Covid-19 Test: How does China Treat Foreign Investors?

Chinese authorities subjecting foreign business people to anal probe

This BBC article explains the background and introduces how the US and Japanese governments are literally trying to “protect your ass” if you go to China.

Is your boss is sending you on a business trip to China?



Thinking about taking a trip to China?

If you find yourself going through airport security into China, remember you may need to not only remove your laptop computers and take off your shoes, but now you may need to drop your pants AND BEND OVER!

How to avoid China’s Covid-19 Anal Test?

Anal Covid Test

During my 20 years running a sourcing agency in China, my favorite testimonial from a customer was “Mike’s team bent over backwards, so the client didn’t get bent over forwards by Chinese suppliers”.

At the time, the complement was a figure of speech.

But now that the Chinese authorities are conducting anal probes on foreign businesspeople entering the country, by outsourcing your Chinese projects to PassageMaker and AsiaBridgeLaw, you can literally avoid having your anus probed!

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