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As a board member at the not-for-profit China Sourcing Information Center (CSIC) I have the honor to contribute to their buyer education initiatives as a speaker at CSIC conferences around the world, lead their “ask the experts” mailbag, write content for the “China Sourcer” magazine and blog on their behalf.

I first moved to Asia in 1993 and have been living in Shenzhen, China full time since 1999. It was over a decade ago that I launched PassageMaker (www.PSSchina.com) in South China to help clients meet their targets for price, quality and lead-time while protecting their intellectual property in China. These days, as the semi-retired founder of PassageMaker, I get rolled out for factory tours, board meetings and to give advice on the rare China sourcing dilemma that our staff of 150 specialists can’t solve on their own.

In 2010 I took a 6 month sabbatical to complete the Essential Reference Guide to China Sourcing
Below is the “About the Author” page from this book.

For well over a decade , Mike Bellamy has been based full-time in China running a purchasing office which serves as an advisor to both small and fortune 500 companies wishing to do business in the PRC. Mike has overseen the sourcing of over 200 production classifications, ranging from components for medical and automotive applications to finished products such as toys, textiles and hardware. Over the years he has sourced everything from church pews to sex toys (on behalf of separate clients!)


While Mike has accumulated a well rounded experience when it comes to China sourcing, his passion is helping clients deal with Intellectual Property (IP) Protection and Quality Control Strategies in China.   Mike decided to do something about these two issues by starting PassageMaker (www.psschina.com) and developing the PassageMaker “Black Box Quality Gate” system to extract the best pricing in China and protect IP without compromising quality and service. PassageMaker’s 100% US owned and operated Assembly Center in S. China serves as the client’s “black box” where inspection, final assembly and branding takes place behind closed doors. In this fashion, Intellectual Property is physically secured and full quality inspection is conducted before product leaves China.


Before organizing PassageMaker, Mike worked with The Brock Group, an international trade and investment consulting firm managed by President Reagan’s former US Trade Representative- US Senator Bill Brock in Washington DC. He received his double degrees in Diplomacy and Economics at the American University in Washington DC and later went on to gain an International MBA from the University of South Carolina which included a year of full-time graduate level courses at the Harbin Institute of Technology in Manchuria and University of International Business and Economics in Beijing.


Recognized as expert on China sourcing, Mike has been a featured presenter for a number of high profile seminars and trade shows including Global Sources Asia Expo HK, Global Sources Dubai, China Sourcing Conference- Mumbai, Boat Tech China, Rotary Foundation, US/German/French/British Chambers of Commerce, National Association of Purchasing Managers/ Institute for Supply Management, Small Business Development Bureau and the State Bar of California among others.


Before building a career in China, Mike spent 2 years as a Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholar studying Japanese Factory Management in Tokyo and Osaka. Later he studied the Chinese language in Manchuria and Beijing. Mike reads, writes and speaks Chinese.  Born in 1972, originally from Perry, NY, a small town near Buffalo and Rochester in the USA, Mike is currently based in Shenzhen with his wife and daughter.


You can e-mail Mike with your questions and comments directly at MB@ChinaSourcingInfo.org


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