Paying for 3rd party support vs. sourcing alone

Everybody is talking about the pros and cons of 3rd party support. I can find and talk with factories in Asia myself, why pay for support?


Sure you can do it yourself! Go ahead! Some of our best clients once tried that too. In the end, they brought us half-baked samples, outrageous prices, or production that didn’t match the samples. Here are three reasons why they say working with companies like  Silk Road International or PassageMaker is better.

1) Price. We have sourced hundreds of different projects and are manufacturing and reordering products with factories everyday. We also maintain relationships with factories that we have used before so that we can work with them again. Translation: we can get better pricing than you can! True story: We have had clients source projects themselves and we beat their prices by more than half — at the same factory! Bottom line? The long-term relationships and production quantities, which are larger than your individual project, means better pricing for you.

2) Time. You have a full-time job already. You don’t have time to add another one! We have a full-time job too-sourcing and managing production in Asia. Just like you, we specialize in what we do best. You get positive ROI by doing your job, not ours. And, with our pricing it’s not worth your time anyway! Because of our years of experience in Asia, we understand the needs of factories, their limitations and capabilities. Let us work for you so you can focus on what you do best!

3) Problems. Don’t kid yourself, there will be problems. Whether you manufacture in the U.S., Asia, or Timbuktu, there will be challenges. And trying to solve problems over the Internet with Asia (when you can’t see what you are talking about) while dealing with English as a second language is not only strenuous for you, but highly unsuccessful. We live here. We speak the languages. We have working professional relationships with the factories and understand the work culture in Asia. We are on the ground and in the trenches. We can solve your problems now, in real time. You don’t have to wonder if your email went through or get up at 2am for a call that is more frustrating than helpful. You don’t have to fly to China on a rescue mission. The ability to solve one design problem before a sample is made or production is started can save weeks and thousands of dollars.

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